These classical guitars represent the product of several years´ research developed over the last few years, its success based in Andalusian tradition, and improved upon through personal design and modern solutions. In the traditional Granadino style of the Antonio Marin Montero and Robert Bouchet school, the light bracing of the soundboard is composed of a five-barred fan pattern. The body is kept relatively compact, tends to bear simple decorations, and is designed with smooth, elegant curves at the waist. The fretboard has a comfortable radius compound shape, and usually counts twenty frets. The bridge has six pairs of holes, and is decorated with two bone edges. String length can be either 650 or 640 millimeters, while nut size can vary from 49 to 53 mm. Available with three types of tuning key. ( see ACCESSORIES )

Marcus Toscano plays "El Testament D'Amelia" (M. Llobet)

Marcus Toscano plays "Se Ela Preguntar" (Dilermando Reis)

Marcus Toscano plays "Plany" (Miguel Llobet)