The ZEN guitar is a crossover model made for the modern musician who still wishes to continue playing in the nylon-strings tradition. Although the instrument is mainly conceived for jazz and fusion, it offers countless musical applications.
The guitar’s sound box has a stylish profile following a geometrically graceful shaping.

The internal structure is designed after long and sophisticated acoustic analysis of the soundboard’s modes of vibration. The two soundholes are placed on the inert areas of the top, thus optimizing the guitar’s acoustic properties.

The ZEN is characterized by its powerful yet balanced sound with a rich sustain.
It’s versatility helps to meet the professional’s needs both in the studio and on stage.

The instrument can be equipped with hand-made electronics that take advantage of the opportunities given by both a piezo undersaddle and a contact microphone.
The amplification system is customized for the ZEN guitar by the engineer Nico Di Battista in collaboration with Acus Sound Engineering.

Classical version

Flamenco version

Fusion version